Review of “Carolina Breeze” by Denise Hunter

“Carolina Breeze” is the second novel in the “A Bluebell Inn Romance” series.  While you could probably read this book without reading the first, I would have to  say that you would not like it as much by doing that. This is definitely one of those series where you should read the books in order because they build on each other.  I have to say that this is one of the first times where I cannot say which of the two I like better. So far with this series I like both books the same. In both books the main characters from the Bennett family tend to over analyze, worry and over think so many things. I could completely relate to that because I do the same thing myself in all aspects of my life. If you are looking for a great relatable read then this book and the one before it, “Lake Season”, are the books for you.

Review of “Summer by the Tides” by Denise Hunter

This is the sixth book by Denise Hunter, including the novella she wrote for the “Smitten”, and I will have to say I have not been disappointed in a book I have read by her yet. As with several of her other novels, this book is set in North Carolina which I am always drawn in by since I live in North Carolina. In this novel, you are introduced to three sisters to whom all have different situations going on that are causing them difficulties when they all three get a call about their grandma going missing. Emma and Nora have issues between the two of them that go back twenty years ago. While Maddy has problems that just happened right before she receives the call from Connor (the neighbor of her grandma) about his concern that her grandma did not tell him that she was going anywhere and he is not sure where she is. All three sisters find themselves trying to figure out how to come together in order to go through things at their grandma’s house and hopefully some reconciliation will occur. Finally, I must share my favorite quote from this book. It was on page 193 – “Bear in mind” Emma said as they walked through the house, “granting forgiveness doesn’t mean granting trust. One is given, and the other is earned.” I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Review of “Stay with Me” by Becky Wade

I have read several books by Becky Wade and I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone. This book was no exception to that. “Stay with Me” was even better than I was anticipating. It had so much going on that you could not help but want to keep reading until the end. It had part mystery and part romance. The characters all had different issues they were dealing with. Given that, you can find at least something you could relate to even if it was just the imperfection of a person. There were some heavy issues in this novel but Becky Wade did an excellent job with going about writing about them. Without giving anything away about this first book in the “Misty River Romance” series, I will say that the way this book goes definitely makes me ready and wanting to read the next one when it comes out in 2021.