Review of “Never Fall Again” by Lynn H. Blackburn

I really like books by Lynn H. Blackburn.  I am also excited that this book is set in the North Carolina mountains.  Never Fall Again is the first book in a new series called Gossamer Falls which is also the name of the town the story takes place.  This is one of those slow build suspense books so the apprehensiveness does not start right away.    The two main characters, Landry Hutton and Callum Shaw, both seem to have secrets in their past that are not revealed to the reader at first so it makes the book have a very mysterious feel to it.  I found myself pulled into the lives of these characters right away.  The author did such a great job of bringing out the humanity of all of them.  I would definitely recommend this book.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. The opinions in this review are my own.

Review of “The Cowboy’s Christmas Compromise” by Jill Kemerer

I am a fan of books by Jill Kemerer. This book has the most unique trope that I have read. The two main characters of the book are Dalton Cambridge and Erica Black. They are connected because both of their exes cheated on them with the other. His ex-wife cheated on him with the ex-husband of Erica. On top of that both couples had a son that was effected by the divorces. Erica inherited a ranch from her aunt and needs the help of a really good ranch manager. She decides to hire Dalton as that manager. This book was such a great story of grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I also really enjoyed the side story with Gemma. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance.

Review of “Double Take” by Lynette Eason

I really like books by Lynette Eason. I am also a big fan of books that are set in North Carolina. This one takes place in a city in mountains of North Carolina. This novel does not seem like your typical suspense book in that I feel like the criminal is known from the beginning; however, the author does a good job of making you question if you are right about that or not. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat throughout reading this. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. The opinions in this review are my own.


Review of “Dangerous Texas Hideout” by Virginia Vaughan

I am a big fan of books by Virginia Vaughan. This is the third book in the Cowboy Protectors series, but the series does not have to be read in order to enjoy this book. The main characters are Caleb Harmon, Penny Jackson and Missy Jackson. This novel had not only the suspense and romance you would expect but also an intriguing puzzle to solve. Missy, Penny’s daughter, has been through some very traumatic events to the point where she has stopped talking. I really enjoyed seeing her interact with Caleb and how that helps her heal some. I definitely recommend this novel.

I received a complimentary copy from the author. The opinions in this review are my own.