Review of “What Momma Left Behind” by Cindy K. Sproles

Cindy K. Sproles is a brand new author to me. The blurb for this book sounded really interesting to me so I thought I’d give it a shot. Given that the blurb mentions that it is set in the mountains in 1877, I should have realized that the characters would have a old timey dialect. I did not think about that though I wish I had because it causes a book to be a slower read for me. However, I am glad that I did not let this stop me from continuing the book because there was a lot of mystery and good lessons to be had from this book. I would recommend it but just keep in mind that it may not be as fast a read as some of the other Christian fiction books you may be reading these days.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

Review of “Diamond in the Rough” by Jen Turano

This is the second book in the “American Heiresses” series by Jen Turano. I found this book to be filled with hilarious shenanigans! In one part of the book where Poppy and Adele are engaging in un-ladylike eating, I am reminded of the movie with Amanda Bynes called “She’s the Man” where she is eating a chicken leg in the middle of a debutante luncheon which causes me to laugh out loud. Both Poppy and the character Amanda Bynes played do not consider themselves to be your stereotypical society ladies. They both are prone to getting themselves caught up in amusing antics. If you want a book that is light-hearted and a good laugh, then this book will be right up your alley. I have to say I highly recommend it.

Review of “Lake Season” by Denise Hunter

I have enjoyed several books by Denise Hunter. However, I will say that this first book in her “A Bluebell Inn Romance” series also appealed to me because it is set in North Carolina. “Lake Season” had so many good literary elements to it. This book covered romance and mystery all at the same time. It kept me on the edge of my seat where the mystery was concerned but also where the romance was concerned because of typical miscommunication between the two main characters. You found yourself wanting so badly to just be able to step into the novel and tell both Molly and Adam just to be honest with each other. I think this book will appeal to a wide range of people and I suggest you read it.

Review of “Before I Called You Mine” by Nicole Deese

Have you ever adopted or thought of adoption? This book is a sweet novel about the journey of Lauren Bailey as she goes about the process of adopting a child from China. You will go through the ups and downs of the process with her as you read “Before I Called You Mine”. It is also a novel that shows you sometimes the plans you have and the way you think things should go are not always what God has planned. Sometimes God goes about things in a far different but better way then you would have come up with. He does not always take you the easy route because He wants you to rely on Him and not yourself. If you are looking for a stereotypical happy ending then this book may not be for you. However, if you want to read a book that represents real life and is a really awesome tale of how God can use all things for good then this book is perfect for you.

Review of “Flights of Fancy” by Jen Turano

This is my first book by Jen Turano although I was surprised to realize that because I really thought I had read a book by her when I saw the covers of her books. The covers definitely draw me in. “Flights of Fancy” is the first book in the “American Heiresses” series written by Jen Turano. This book is a great read if you are the type to like romantic comedies. The female main character, Isadora Delafield, is a hoot when it comes to the situation she finds herself in as a housekeeper for the male main character, Ian MacKenzie, at the house of his Aunt and Uncle called Glory Manor. Also, you cannot help but fall for the four delightful children that end up at Glory Manor. Some of the antics of Isadora as the housekeeper remind me of the hilarious misinterpretations of one Amelia Bedelia. While Isadora does not interpret certain things wrong as Amelia does in the books by Peggy Parish, she does find herself in some hilarious situations because at first she is unable to be truthful about her past. I am definitely looking forward to reading the other two books in this series and am excited to see what interesting and funny situations the main characters find themselves in.