Review of “Flights of Fancy” by Jen Turano

This is my first book by Jen Turano although I was surprised to realize that because I really thought I had read a book by her when I saw the covers of her books. The covers definitely draw me in. “Flights of Fancy” is the first book in the “American Heiresses” series written by Jen Turano. This book is a great read if you are the type to like romantic comedies. The female main character, Isadora Delafield, is a hoot when it comes to the situation she finds herself in as a housekeeper for the male main character, Ian MacKenzie, at the house of his Aunt and Uncle called Glory Manor. Also, you cannot help but fall for the four delightful children that end up at Glory Manor. Some of the antics of Isadora as the housekeeper remind me of the hilarious misinterpretations of one Amelia Bedelia. While Isadora does not interpret certain things wrong as Amelia does in the books by Peggy Parish, she does find herself in some hilarious situations because at first she is unable to be truthful about her past. I am definitely looking forward to reading the other two books in this series and am excited to see what interesting and funny situations the main characters find themselves in.