Review of “These Nameless Things” by Shawn Smucker

This is my second book by Shawn Smucker. I find myself drawn into his books because of the synopsis that is written about the book. However, both this book and the other book I read by him, I have found myself confused and unsure if I am missing something from the story from the very beginning. Because of my confusion, it takes me longer to get into his books than other authors’ books. He does draw me in though because of the mystery of what is going on. For some reason this book reminds me of a little of the book called “The Giver” by Lois Lowry because they can’t remember certain things right at first. His books are not bad and while he is not my favorite author, he may be yours.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

Review of “Don’t Keep Silent” by Elizabeth Goddard

“Don’t Keep Silent” is the third book in the “Uncommon Justice” series by Elizabeth Goddard. Each of the books in this series are about one of three brothers.  The first book called “Never Let Go” was about Austin McKade.  The second book called “Always Look Twice” was about Heath McKade.  And this last book of the series is about the last brother, Liam McKade.  This is the second book I have read by her.  I will say that one thing I have noticed between this book and the other one I read by Elizabeth Goddard is that she does not have long chapters which I really like because it makes the book feel like a faster read.  However, her books have been so good that they keep my attention and might feel like a fast read without the chapters not being too long. She has a way of bringing her characters to life and making you feel like you are going on their journey right along with them.  In this novel, you will meet back up with Liam McKade to whom you were also introduced to in the previous novel.  Liam is approached by Rae Burke to whom he previously worked with to help her locate her sister-in-law.  Not only do you get to go along with them on their search but you also learn about their past working relationship.  One of the best things I have found about this book is that she keeps you on your toes throughout the book by not revealing everything all at once or too soon.  This seems like a common occurrence with Elizabeth Goddard’s books though I have only read two.  I would bet that she does well with keeping you in suspense in her other books as well.  I can honestly say I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

Review of “Until I Met You” by Tari Faris

“Until I Met You” is the second book in the Restoring Heritage series by Tari Faris.  The first book is called “You Belong with Me” which I previously reviewed for Revell.  At the end of “You Belong with Me”, there was an excerpt from “Until I Met You” and while I normally choose not to read these because I do not want to be too excited about the next book since I am not a patient person.  I did read this one and I have to say I was hooked and wishing this book was coming out the next day.  However, it was obviously not coming out the next day but I knew it would be worth the wait.  I was not disappointed in the least once I started reading this book.  The one of the main characters in this book was a minor character mentioned in the first one.  Tari does a great job re-introducing Libby Kingsley to the reader.  As well as several of the other characters such as Luke, Hannah, Olivia, and Nate from the first book. Libby comes to live in Heritage in order to be the new librarian but what she does not realize is that the Heritage library is not like any other library that she has ever been in.  She arrives at the house of her brother, Luke, and his wife, Hannah, to chaos and things do not get any better when she meets their neighbor, Austin Williams.  Austin has moved to town in order to work on the town square that Hannah has gotten the town to agree to fix up.  After Libby and Austin meet for the first time, things get very interesting.  If you want to know all about it, then you need to get this book so you can enjoy and read it for yourself.  Also, I have to say that to fully enjoy this book you will want to have read the first one as well.  If you have not, then also get “You Belong with Me”.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

Review of “A Dream within a Dream” by Mike Nappa & Melissa Kosci

This is my first novel by Mike Nappa and Melissa Kosci. However, this novel is the third Coffey & Hill book by these two authors. It seems all three of the books have titles derived from poems by Edgar Allen Poe. The other two books are “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee”. I was interested in this book because the blurb on the back of the book sounded intriguing. I cannot say this with absolute certainty since I have not read the first two books but it seems that you would be okay if you read this book without reading those. However it would probably be better if you read those first. I say that because the cases from the first two books are referenced a couple of times at least and also because when I first started reading this book I had the feeling I was missing something. The book is broken up by days for sections. The beginning of each chapter lists a character which tells you whose perspective that chapter is written in. I found this to be only slightly frustrating because some parts of certain chapters were repeats of the previous chapter because it was the same scene repeated but from another character’s point of view. However, Nappa and Kosci do a good job building the suspense pretty much from the beginning of the book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

Review of “Driftwood Dreams” by T.I. Lowe

“Driftwood Dreams” is the second book in the “The Carolina Coast” series and it is the third book I have read by T.I. Lowe. This book can be read separately, however, it is so much better if you read them together and in order to get the full enjoyment out of this book. In this novel, you get better acquainted with two of the characters from the first novel, Josie and August. You will also continue to hear about Opal and Lincoln who were the main characters from the first novel, “Beach Haven”. Josie is so scared after losing her mom that something bad will happen to her dad that she does not even try to follow her passion of art. She also spends what time she is not spending helping her dad assisting everyone else in town with whatever they need. August has finally come back to town to stay. Josie and August have a past history together and as you are reading you wonder if they will pick up where they left off. If you are looking for a good beach fun read and like some romance then this book is for you! T.I. Lowe does an amazing job of bringing you into the lives of her characters where you feel like you live in the town with them. You should definitely read this novel and the one before it.