Book Review of “The Long Journey to Jake Palmer” by James L Rubart

I have to say that I am pretty sure I have read every single on of James L. Rubart’s books that he has put out so far.  The only one I hadn’t read until now was “The Long Journey to Jake Palmer”.  I am also most done with it now.  I have less than 100 pages left to read and I am not disappointed in the least.  All of James L. Rubart’s books have been great reads.  The grasp my attention quickly, keep my attention the whole book, and are hard to put down.  If I had the time, then I could sit and read one of his books straight through.  I highly recommend his books to anyone.

Book Review on “The Very Best, Hands-on, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions” by Tim Shoemaker

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.

While I like the concept of the devotional, I am not really fond of the fact that it seems to this overprotective mama that the term “kinda dangerous” should really say “dangerous” for several of the devotionals in this book. There are also a couple that say the child should be 12+ years old. I was really looking forward to getting the devotional to review because I have a daughter that I would love to be able to do fun biblical lessons with when she gets older; however, I think that I would be too nervous to do some of them with her. Now there are some out there that aren’t as much of a worrier as me and will love this devotional which is why I won’t get it lower than three out of five stars. I will say my only other thing that I wasn’t fond of with this devotional either is that it requires someone to go out and buy some specific things for some of the devotionals. I wish that it didn’t require that because then I think it would be appealing to more people.

Honest Review of “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom

Just finished “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom. It had a really good lesson behind the book of appreciating time and the people around you. However, the way the three characters’ stories were entwined made it harder to follow. And the ending was somewhat of a letdown because there wasn’t as much to the ending as I would have hoped.

Read it for yourself to see what you think because like I said it did have a good lesson behind it.

Book Review of “All Manner of Things”

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book, “All Manner of Things” by Susie Finkbeiner, in order to give an honest review of the book.

In the book “All Manner of Things” by Susie Finkbeiner, you are transported back to the time of the Vietnam war.  This is my first book I have read by Susie Finkbeiner and it will definitely not be my last.  Even though this book is a work of fiction with some historical elements to it, this could really have happened to some family back during this time.  I have found myself feeling how the characters feel during certain events that happen in the book.  I can relate to the main character’s love of books and her uncertainty about what she should do in certain situations.  Overall, I would highly recommend this book.