Review of “Driftwood Dreams” by T.I. Lowe

“Driftwood Dreams” is the second book in the “The Carolina Coast” series and it is the third book I have read by T.I. Lowe. This book can be read separately, however, it is so much better if you read them together and in order to get the full enjoyment out of this book. In this novel, you get better acquainted with two of the characters from the first novel, Josie and August. You will also continue to hear about Opal and Lincoln who were the main characters from the first novel, “Beach Haven”. Josie is so scared after losing her mom that something bad will happen to her dad that she does not even try to follow her passion of art. She also spends what time she is not spending helping her dad assisting everyone else in town with whatever they need. August has finally come back to town to stay. Josie and August have a past history together and as you are reading you wonder if they will pick up where they left off. If you are looking for a good beach fun read and like some romance then this book is for you! T.I. Lowe does an amazing job of bringing you into the lives of her characters where you feel like you live in the town with them. You should definitely read this novel and the one before it.