Review of the “Star of Persia” by Jill Eileen Smith

Star of Persia by Jill Eileen Smith is the story of Esther, a Jewish girl living in a pagan country. How does she stay faithful to God when forced into a situation that is out of her control? Would she be able to conceal her Jewish heritage? This historical fiction novel is modeled after Esther of the Bible; however, much is added to Esther’s story that is not included in Scripture. If you have never read the book of Esther found in God’s Word, you might consider reading it either before or after reading this novel. It is obvious that Smith is very familiar with the biblical version of Esther and has extensively researched secular history and woven it into her story where appropriate. Personally I viewed this book as just what it is, a historical novel, and I found it to be very entertaining.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.