Review of “The Joy of Falling” by Lindsay Harrel

Before hearing about “The Joy of Falling” on social media, I had not heard of or read anything by Lindsay Harrel. I was immediately drawn to two things about this book other than the fact that the plot sounded really good. One of those things being the beautiful cover of the book. The colors of the cover alone drew me to want to read this book. The second thing that immediately drew me to wanting to read this book was that one of the main characters and I share a name. Once I started reading this book, I really hated the times I had to put it down in order to get other things done. This author did an amazing job of drawing you into the lives of Angela and Eva. I felt like I was right there with them and experiencing what they were going through with them. I found myself wanting to encourage both of them when things got tough and listening to them when all they needed was an ear. I really loved this book so much that I would recommend it to anyone but I would especially recommend it to anyone who has lost a spouse because it seemed like there was great advice in it for someone who would find themselves in a similar situation as these two women found themselves.