Review of “Perfectly Imperfect” by Jill Boyce

This is the Jill Boyce’s second book she has written and it is the second in the “A Dose of Love” series. While the books in this series have the same theme, they do not have the same characters and therefore do not have to be read together or in order.  “Perfectly Imperfect” is about Dr. Blaire Cunningham who ironically is an infectious disease doctor. I say ironically because she is also as germophobic as Monk from the television show.  Jill does an excellent job of being sensitive to a person with this type of phobia.  Some of the habits that Dr. Cunningham has make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. It also kind of falls under if you don’t laugh then you’ll cry scenario.  They seem humorous at first then you think about how debilitating they can be for a person and you want to cry.  Also in this novel, you are introduced to Felipe Martinez. He comes to New York looking for a doctor to head up his clinic in Guatemala which is being advertised on flyers around the city.  Dr. Cunningham’s friends tell her she should be that doctor.  However, she isn’t so sure that she can handle it with her fear of germs.  Does she go to Guatemala?  Does she get over her fear of germs?  Does she meet and fall for Felipe?  Well if you want to know, then you need to read this book to find out.  I definitely think you will enjoy going along for the ride.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.