Review of “All that Really Matters” by Nicole Deese

I have read one novella and one other book by Nicole Deese. They were both really good and the book also dealt with a similar topic as “All That Really Matters” deals with. It dealt with adoption whereas this book deals with the foster care system. I really loved that book which was one reason I wanted to read this one. The cover and title of this novel also drew me to it. This story revolves around two main characters, Molly McKenzie and Silas Whittaker. The interaction between these two characters make the story come alive. You will definitely find something about one or both of these characters that you can relate to. Beyond the main characters in this book, I found myself annoyed with Molly’s boyfriend/manager. He was just too much about business and I found myself hoping she would realize that she needed to ditch him. As for other secondary characters, there were several that I thought could use a novel that tells their story. As you can tell, there is much to enjoy about this book. This author just does such a great job of drawing you into the plot and keeping you there until the very end. Then she leaves you wanting more in the best way and luckily two of the secondary characters will become main characters in her book that is coming out in Spring 2022.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.