Review of “Bookshop by the Sea” by Denise Hunter

I am a huge fan of Denise Hunter. I love that a lot of her books are set in North Carolina and this book is no exception. Also if you have read her Bluebell Inn series then you will recognize a character in this book. Not only was I drawn into this book by the setting but also the storyline as well as the gorgeous cover. This book takes place by the beach in a town called Piper’s Cove. The main character, Sophie Lawson, has moved there in order to open up her very own bookshop which she has named Bookshop by the Sea. Due to her sister’s wedding to her ex-boyfriend’s best friend and also a hurricane canceling his flight, she gets stuck with her ex-boyfriend, Aiden Maddox. Unfortunately, Sophie also has a lot of family drama. Her entire family seems to think that she is their personal assistant. I really enjoyed this book but I will say that every time one of her family called her only to ask a favor I found myself wanting to jump in and say can’t you handle some things for yourself. I would definitely like a sequel to this novel and I would definitely recommend anyone who likes good beach reads to read this book.