Review of “Courageous Influence: Embrace the Way God Made You for Impact” by (in)courage

This is the third Bible Study in a series of four that all start with the word courageous. This one is set up like the others in that it is a six week study with five days per week. Unlike some other Bible studies, the videos do not have to be watched. They are more like a bonus to the study in my opinion. There is not even a designated place for notes from the video. Because the videos are not necessarily needed for this study, it makes it a more affordable Bible study specifically where the leader is concerned. The leader will not have to buy a leader kit like other Bible studies require to get the most from them. Also you do not have to have done the other studies in this series to do this one. I like that this Bible study has multiple contributors unlike other Bible studies I have done. It is also nice that they make it so all you will need is this Bible study and your Bible whereas some reference their book by the same name. This study definitely requires self reflection and you may find yourself writing only things that you would not mind someone seeing if they got ahold of your book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.