Review of “Deadly Target” by Elizabeth Goddard

This is the second book in the “Rocky Mountain Courage” series and is classified as romantic suspense. If you like very suspenseful books, then you will like this one because the suspense starts from chapter one. One type of suspense and mystery in this novel is cold cases. Erin Larson, the main female character, has a podcast called “Missing Children” that delves into cold cases. Also, the dad of the other main character, Nathan Campbell, is delving into a cold case until something happens to prevent him from continuing that investigation. Nathan and Erin must now put their heads together to figure out what is going on. This plot has many twists and turns which makes it like a puzzle to solve. I am a fan of trying to solve puzzles so it makes this book even more enjoyable for me to read. I would definitely recommend this book to those other puzzle lovers out there.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.