Review of “Second Time Around” by Melody Carlson

I have been a fan of books by Melody Carlson for awhile now. I feel as though most of the ones I have read by her had younger main female characters in them, but this novel has an older divorced woman as the main character. In my opinion, this makes the book have a different feel. Mallory Farrell inherits a tourist shop with an apartment above from her grandmother. She decides to revamp it into a home decor boutique and to renovate the apartment to live in. Her aunt and cousins are not happy that she inherited it instead of one of them. They are well written antagonists. She runs into an old friend from her visits with her grandmother and is recommended a contractor named Thomas for her renovation. To me, he is also a well written antagonist because he seems to have an attitude with her on several occasions. I really got into this plot because I could feel the emotions that Mallory was feeling. It is written to the point where I feel like I am right there going through everything. Melody Carlson knocks another book out of the park. I highly recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher.