Review of “Royally Blessed” by Jill Boyce

This is the fourth book in the Royal Medicine series. To get the most enjoyment out of this book, you will want to read the books in order. In this novel, Claire and Ethan are officially married. She is also pregnant. As the Queen of Amorely and a doctor, she has a lot on her plate that makes her pregnancy harder. Thankfully, her husband and maternal grandmother are there to support her in all that is going on. This novel is a well written light read. Claire’s granny and her dog, Wilson, bring some great comedy to this story. I am so glad that her granny is still in this series especially since Albert the butler is no longer in the series. He was replaced by Nigel who is almost as good but just could not replace Albert. I highly recommend this book. It would make a great relaxing read.

I received a complimentary copy from the author.