Review of “Unscripted” by Davis Bunn

So it took me a little bit to realize that “Unscripted” is  the second book I’ve read by Davis Bunn. The first was one I read by him was “The Great Divide”. I am glad I didn’t realize that this is my second book by him when I signed up to read this one because the first one I read by him was not really my favorite and I am not sure I would have been interested in this one no matter how intriguing the story sounded. However, I am not going to let my lack of enjoyment in his other book taint my review of this book. Since all books in theory even by the same author should stand alone unless they’re in a series. So my first thing I would like to say with this book is that it is a little hard to follow everything that is going on. Part of the reason I think it is hard to follow is because to me the book was started at the wrong point in the story. I feel like instead of starting with the main character already in jail maybe he should have started with how he got there. Also it seems to me like two different stories are going on at the same time which is making it feel a little disjointed. However, there is some mystery to the whole story as you’re reading that is helping me want to finish the book. Hopefully all the pieces of the puzzle or puzzles depending on if you think it is somewhat disjointed will come together in the end and make it so the beginning of the book will make more sense in hindsight.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.