Review of “Sea Glass Castle” by T.I. Lowe

This is the third book in “The Carolina Coast Series” and I have to say that it maybe my favorite of the three because of the antics of the three main male characters, Lincoln, August, and Wes. Honestly I liked these guys so much in this one that I would love for there to be a three book series that makes each of them the main character in each of the three books. You would think in books like these that the male main character would sometimes be overshadowed by the female main character but that definitely does not happen in this book! And then you have the three girls, Opal, Josie and Sophia plus all the minor characters like the Knitting Club women who all cause you to be rolling on the floor laughing at their antics. However, there are some serious moments in this book that are so well written you will be looking for your box of tissues. I have to say if you haven’t read this book, then I recommend you do! And definitely get the first two while you are at it.