Review of “The White Rose Resists” by Amanda Barratt

This is my first time reading one of Amanda Barratt’s novels. It is a novel based on the true story of Sophie and Hans Scholl as well as some of the friends that were part of a group called “The White Rose”. I thoroughly enjoy reading books based on World War II and even more ones based on true stories. With this novel, you can tell that the author did a good amount of research into the actual story especially the ending of the book. The only thing that concerned me with the novel was that I had a feeling that it would not be a fast read which it was not. There are some German words thrown in that slowed me down and the content is a little on the heavier side which I think slowed me down some. However, even though it was a slower read than I normally like, I thought that the story itself was so interesting that it made up for the slower pace of the book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is into World War II novels.