Review of “A Life Once Dreamed” by Rachel Fordham

This is Rachel’s most recent novel. It just came out on August 4th. I have read both of her previous books and loved them. Before winning this book from the author, I had read the prologue and first chapter in her publisher’s Instagram stories and was hooked. Agnes Pratt runs from her past only for her past to follow her to her new town six years later. James Harris doesn’t understand what happened that caused Agnes to leave him without even saying goodbye, but he comes to Penance to find out. “A Life Once Dreamed” is an amazing novel that lets you see the many facets of life and also shows you that people can react many different ways to the same experience. It shows you how a person can have compassion for those around them and how contagious that can be. If you are looking for a book that shows you all is not lost in the world, then this is the book for you.