Some of my Favorite Authors

This is an unusual post in that it is not a book review.  However, for those who want to know some really good authors to read, this is a good post for you!  Before I start a list in no particular order, I will mention that Harlequin Love Inspired books that can be bought at Walmart are all pretty good no matter the author.

  1. James L. Rubart
  2. Courtney Walsh
  3. Roseanna M. White
  4. Richard Paul Evans
  5. Nicole Deese
  6. Lisa Harris
  7. Denise Hunter
  8. Susan May Warren
  9. Dana Mentink
  10. Lynn H. Blackburn
  11. Amanda Cabot
  12. Sarah Sundin
  13. Ruth Logan Herne
  14. Janice Cantore
  15. Lisa Carter
  16. Tari Faris
  17. Lynette Eason
  18. Lee Tobin McClain
  19. Karen Kirst
  20. Gabrielle Meyer
  21. Belle Calhoune
  22. Natalie Walters
  23. Mindy Obenhaus
  24. Patricia Bradley
  25. Elizabeth Goddard
  26. Pepper D. Basham
  27. Rachel Scott McDaniel
  28. Betsy St. Amant
  29. Irene Hannon
  30. Katie Powner
  31. Melody Carlson
  32. Kariss Lynch
  33. Amanda Cox
  34. Brenda Minton

This surprisingly is not a full list of Christian Fiction Authors that I enjoy reading.  If you think there will not be enough good reads that are clean out there, then you will be surprised.  Comment below on authors you enjoy reading.