Review of “Looking for Leroy” by Melody Carlson

I am a big fan of Melody Carlson and her books. I feel like most of the books I have read by Melody Carlson have main characters that seem to be in their mid twenties to early thirties; however, the main characters in this novel are around mid to late forties to early fifties, I believe. To me this gives the book a slightly different dynamic. This novel is written from both the point of view of the female main character and the male main character. The story also includes some interesting secondary characters. I sometimes find that a book is only really as good as these secondary characters. I feel as though if they do not entertain you, then you will not like the book. With that said, there are several secondary characters in this book that I find entertaining. One of those characters is Motorcycle Mike. He definitely adds some humor into this plot. Another one is Gina. She adds some no nonsense attitude to the story that is intriguing. Overall I think this book is well balanced in terms of humorous and more serious characters. I definitely recommend it.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.