Review of “The Dating Charade” by Melissa Ferguson

Are you looking for the perfect book to read while relaxing and taking a break from the stresses of life? If you are, then Melissa Ferguson’s The Dating Charade is the book you should pick. It is a great romantic comedy that will make you laugh, cry and be on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Cassie lives in a small town in Tennessee and is trying her best to find Mr. Right. She is even giving online dating a try but is not having much luck. In fact, she has a whole charade worked out to help her on the dates that just are going well. Everything seems hopeless in that part of her life until she meets Jett again. Then things great really interesting. If you want to know what are charade is, why I send meets Jett again, or how things get so interesting, then you’ll just have to read “The Dating Charade” for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!