Review of “The Pages of Her Life” by James L. Rubart

I have read almost all of James L. Rubart’s books with my favorite probably being the first one I ever read by him called “Rooms”. In fact, I was surprised (since it’s been awhile since I read Rooms) when I recognized the name, Micah Taylor, and background story of one of the minor characters in this book as the main character from “Rooms”. As you can tell from my previous statements, I highly recommend this book. In “The Pages of Her Life”, you meet Allison who is at her wits end with her personal and professional life. She is getting fed up with her partner who was her best friend until they tried going into business together. She is divorced and living alone until things with her mom go south which causes her mom to have to move in. Then all of a sudden she ends up with this mysterious journal. James L. Rubart does an excellent job of creating not only his fictional characters but also the world they live. You definitely feel the emotions as the characters are feeling them. Also one of the parts about his books I’ve always loved is the lesson you can get from the stories. No matter where you are in life you can find something about his books to which you can relate. If you have never read his books before, then I recommend you start today or whenever you finish the book you are currently reading. You can start with any of his books. However, he does have a series that you should read in order and I would definitely read “Rooms” before this one so that Micah Taylor’s appearance in this one will make more sense.