Review of “A Country Christmas” by Marta Perry and Lee Tobin McClain

This book contains “The Doctor’s Christmas” by Marta Perry and “The Twins’ Family Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain. Both of these stories have similar themes of forgiveness and redemption. In “The Doctor’s Christmas”, Maggie Davis has issues trusting people because of her past and Dr. Grant Hardesty is having a problem letting go of his past as well. Throughout this story, you find yourself rooting for both of them and wishing they would realize they should be together. In “The Twins’ Family Christmas”, Lily Watkins comes to stay at the ranch her aunt owns in order to check on her former roommate’s kids. She is having a hard time not blaming herself for that same roommate’s death. While Pastor Carson Blair who is the late husband of Lily’s former roommate is trying to come to terms with the death of his wife and also give his twins the best Christmas. If you like uplifting Christmas books, then you’ll enjoy both stories that are included in this book.