Review “Love Changes Everything” by Micah Berteau

I really liked the real world example Micah Berteau used in Chapter One to relate how we mess up but how God still loves us anyway. I have to say it was a unique way to explain this concept. Also in Chapter One, I was surprised when Micah compared Jesus and what He did for our salvation to a Michael Jackson song. I am not saying that I loved his comparison nor hated his comparison because it did make sense and it was clever but I just wouldn’t have thought to compare the sacrifice just made to a Michael Jackson song. To understand what he was saying you will have to read the book yourself. Throughout the rest of the book the author uses other relatable things to explain biblical concepts. I like that the chapters in this book are pretty short and to the point. The author doesn’t get off topic and ramble about irrelevant things. He also puts in relevant scriptures where needed to go with the point he is trying to make. Overall I’d say this is definitely a book that will make you think and that can help you understand God’s love for you more than you did or emphasize what you already knew of His love for you.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review.